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Camera Microscope Adapter

A selection of various adapters for your microscope including camera adapters for Canon, Nikon, Leica and Olympus plus many others allowing recording of your research results via image format. You can then store, send or share these images and even use them for further educational purposes. The microscope camera adapter is great for home assignments where you can attach and image to assist in the explanation of your findings.

This also allows a digital camera to be set up with it's output fed directly into a visual aid such as a projector for lectures and live display purposes. It makes what was initally just a simple mechanical optical microscope into an advanced electronic imaging microcsope - upgrade yours too with this simple microscope adapter.

Also popular are the microscope lighting ring adapters for additional illumination of the subject. These microscope ring lights with adapters are usually constructed of metal and have their LED light sources powered by mains power electricity.

Typically these are bright white LED bulbs with an aluminum ring body construction along with the electronic control box providing up to 100,000 trouble free hours of life allowing intense and focused shadow-free illumination.