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The stereo microscope - stereoscopic microscope, or rather stereoscope is commonly used for observing solid objects requiring different light sources for correct illumination from the front side, rather than from the underside.

This viewing style on the stereoscope is referred to as incident light illumination (reflected) rather than the typical style of microscopic transillumination or - transmitted illumination.

The Stereoscopic Microscope Advantages And Disadvantages

So what's the difference of a sterescope versus a compound microscope and how do they work?

ADVANTAGE: The stereoscope also creates a more natural 3D viewing effect allowing a better interpretation of some specimens. This allows for improved discovery of certain subjects.

This is not dissimilar to the optical binocular effect of looking through two prizms matching the vision at the focal point giving a depth of field view.

DISADVANTAGE: While the stereoscope offers a variety of what would be seen as preferable microscope options, it also has the slight drawback of not being as powerful in magnification as the standard single lens optical compound microscope.

With the stereoscope typically used in the study of solid surface type specimens, they have found wide use in the  manufacturing industry for manufacture, inspection and quality control. It tends to make them of lower cost compared with conventional microscopes.

The stereo microscope - stereoscope also serves as an optical aid in;

  • buy stereoscopes for the medical profession for microsurgery, fractography and forensics,

  • buy stereoscopes for the electronics industry for circuit board inspection, manufacture and repair

  • buy stereoscopes for watch making due to their fine detail in construction and workings

How To Use Your Stereoscope : : Buy Stereo Microscopes Online

A brief overview of the different types of stereo microscope or stereoscope along with tips on how to get the best out of using it correctly.

The stereo microscope must not get confused with a similar looking double eyepiece compound equipped microscope with a binoviewer. These microscope types allow both eyes to see the same image - rather than splitting it giving a dual perspective view as in the stereoscope, though with the binocular style eyepieces, it does tend to provide greater viewing comfort. Other than the dual eyepieces though, the stereoscope is basically the same as viewing an image through your typical compound style single monocular eyepiece microscope without the 3D depth perspective.

When looking through the stereoscope viewer, it reveals what is commonly reffered to as the stereoscope 3D image which is what sets it apart from other microscope types. This allows you to further understand shape and form of the subject rather than just composition. We have the best stereoscopes for sale here at Microscope Science. If you are looking where to buy stereoscope microscopes, we have them all right here! We also carry the biggest range of Omax stereo microscopes for sale online.