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Without question, every biology student needs a microscope! While some may be referred to as "student microscopes" they are really just your entry level microscopes. Though in saying that, many a student has made use of their initial microscope for their entire career as their purpose does not change - magnifying a subject for observation.

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The university student will get much experience and confidence by having an optical microscope or stereo scope available during their study to actively conduct practical biology examinations for research and curriculum. While lectures and practical biology exams involving different optical microscope types including stereoscopes at school are an exellent source of learning, having basic laboratory equipment such as a student microscope available for assignments at home are a must!

So What Can You Expect To See With An Optical Microscope Or Digital Microscope? Here Are Some Microscope Slide Samples

Microscope Slide Images

To the left we have a sample of microscope slides showing various different research mediums. It really depends on what you are looking at and, and the magnification of the compound microscope your are using.

When using a compound microscope on living cells, you may see active movement on the microscope slide or a static display on a non living organism. Biology takes form on many different aspects of life and here at Microscope Science we pride ourselves in allowing that experience to be enjoyed by everyone with the most basic of laboratory equipment in the form of being able to buy an optical microscope online.

For children microscopy becomes both facinating and educational to understand the breakdown of an object. Kids will spend many stimulating hours actively engaged in childrens microscope use viewing everything from plant material to bugs biology and even samples of human hair or skin. See our Kids Biology resources section for a fun and creative scientific education.