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Simply plug the digital microscope into your computers USB slot, load the software and you have an instant low powered digital microscope. This allows for easy viewing on a typical monitor or computer display.

Affordable and portable it becomes multi-faceted in it's use. Not only will it find a home on the science lab bench, but also any where it's small sized digital microscope body will fit.

The USB microscope mimics the stereoscope in that the USB microscopes primary purpose is for solid objects being that generally, they don't use transillumination from the underside for viewing, but rather rely on built-in incident light instead from the top of the subject.

The USB microscope is basically a webcam incorporationg a high powered macro lens for it's magnification. The digital microscope magnification is quite modest with typical ranges up to about 200X and is software adjustable down from this. The quoted digital microscope magnification has usually taken into account the effective enlaged view on a screen so in actual fact, probably primarily figures in at a much lower level - around 30X actual. The depth-of-field is generous while sacrificing light collected due to a smaller aperture number.

Being that images are viewed digitally through the computer (the Celestron Pentaview even has it's own incorporated display), captured vision may be saved from the USB microscope, stored, or even shared rapidly and conveniently offering versatility. This can also form an effective over-the-web visual, in-field technical support and diagnosis tool when hooked up to a laptop. We have a great range of digital microscope sale items available below.

Cheap USB microscopes become useful for when examining a range of flat objects such as rare and valuable coins, electronics such as printed circuit boards and soldered connections, or legal and high security documents such as banknotes. So when wanting to know what microscope to use for more technically related duties, the answer is a digital microscope (more commonly known as a USB microscope). Make sure you check out our special price Dino Lite Microscope models.

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Industry uses for the digital microscope or USB microscope include:

    • Electronics Industry USB Microscope - Quality control, component inspection, soldered connections and dry-joint identification

    • Crash Investigation USB Microscope - In-field inspection of components for possible causes or failures

    • Service and Repair Industry USB Microscope - Accessing difficult locations for inspection, remote assistance for image sharing and fault finding

    • Flora and Forna Digital Microscopes - Providing safe observation of plants and live creatures including insects.

    • Precious Metals & Minerals USB Microscope - Quality inspection of gold and gems checking surface finishes

    • Jewellery USB Microscope - Inspection, repair and assembly of various items, sepecially the watch making industry

    • Coins and Collectables USB Microscope - Identification and condition inspection of rare and valuable collectable, especially coins

    • Aviation and Manufacturing USB Microscope - Surface imperfections, corrosion or fractures that could cause catastrophes

Toolmakers Microscope - Surface inspection, manufacturing faults or fractures that could cause failures

We stock such many popular models and brands such as Dino Lite, AGPtek, Aven, Celestron and Vi Tiny (ViTiny) plus many others.